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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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Day 4!!! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH NOW! Please let me know if you don’t have the checklist to follow along.

Day 3 info starts at 3:29 Everything before that is a recap for day 1 & 2.

I went straight to 3 and 4 because we already did day 1 and 2. There is nothing wrong we are on day 3 going into day 4. The video goes straight from day 3 to 4.


This is a FREE group so once the video is gone that’s it. You must be here each day to see the videos. Once a new lesson goes up the old one is gone after the time frame. This will only last 7 days.

If some things are late please just pay attention to what I’m saying. The slides are just reminders. The information is in what I’m saying not the slides.

PDF’s will be sent out at the end of the challenge.

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