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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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Hi Growth Guru 101 members❗️😃

Today is actually my Wk2/D4. Staying true to the GG 101 process, I am growing my hair out again and all rest days are welcomed. I didn't post my progress yesterday, but wanted to let everyone know how different my Wk2/D3 was compared to Wk1/D3. My fear of scientific brushing isn't completely gone; it still exists. It simply proves why learning is fundamental! Overall, scientific brushing wasn’t bad; easier to detangle using a comb or brush and only a slight hair-crying sound. Maybe you know that sound? Maybe not? That’s the sound I say my hair makes when it’s dry and/or has damaged, split ends. Getting rid of my split ends, along with detoxification from rice water, my hair has shown some noticeable differences between D3s. As I said, this is actually my D4 resting. 😉I’ll be pumped and ready for D5‼️

How are you tracking your hair’s problems and/or progress from week to week❓ Here, Cyn’s checklist or your hair journal❓

Ann Bolling


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