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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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I just had to come & share…

So, coming into the group, I really didn’t make time to “engage”, & yall know, cause @AdminCyn called me out 😆🥰❤️ u sis!, but I am a background, “behind the scene” type person. But y’all, can I say that just by reading y’all posts & the replies & instructions/education that’s been given from @AdminCyn to the Certified’s to all of us in here, 🗣@CynDoll Squad🗣🥰!!! Just from the feed y’all helped reminded me (esp. Cyn) from her teachings, I’ve been doing everything right & what I am currently doing for my daughters hair & and I & I just need to continue/keep it up/be consistent. I was natural up until my mid teens- early 20’s. By the time I was 19/20yo, I went back natural and have been natural ever since. I began to live a full holistic lifestyle @ 26/27yo. I’ve never put a lot of products in my hair. My mom & aunt learned early on (11/12yo) that my hair couldn’t take a lot of product (infamous Jam Gel) tryna slick out my curls & make my ponytails sleek or curls hold and that gel took all my hair out in the back y’all. Now understand, my mom just washed our hair ev. 1-2 wks and herbal “grease”. But, when my aunt started getting perms & using gel in the perm & gel age, they started using the gel (well tried w/ me but it didn’t work but my sis’s hair took it), me & my big sis then wanted a perm. My mom allowed my sister b/c she was 15/16yo but not me 12/13yo, I didn’t start getting perms until I was 16yo. Yes, my hair was long, very long and ever since I was a baby. I recently cut my hair (I’ve cut it a few times since 18yo, I’m 40yo now), however; THIS WILL BE MY LAST TIME CUTTIN IT. I did it b/c of obedience to God. I’m going to loc it soon. So, yeah, I am knowledgeable about herbs and alkaline cellular eatin/living and caring for the body itself, crown to feet. I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia @ 5yo & Psoriasis @ 17yo. The psoriasis is on my scalp & body. When I (from God, all the Knowledge & Wisdom I’ve gained has been from Father Yah) started the holistic lifestyl/living, my body healed of EVERY SINGLE diagnoses! When I got pregnant, I slowly began to revert back, after I had my daughter, I was doing good at 1st but then it just hit me all @ once b/c I literally took the focus off of me and for a good minute. So, I was sick for a while, just now starting to feel better getting back to holistic life. Anyway, from it was just me no help @ all, literall, & then being ill & taking care of/nursing my daughter @ the same time was difficult, it really was, but, my Faith was unwaverable, unshakeable, Father Yah had me all the way through & I stayed right with Him as I went through (meditating, praying, worship, Him 24hrs roun da ⏰). And I kept my daughters hair up but, I/ME felt like I slacked. And my daughters hair suffered. Since round end of last yr/start of the yr, I’ve been doing better but, It’s very dry in the back, or it seems to me. Even with moisturizer(oil) on it, it seems to draw up & seem more drier/duller than the top half. When brushed out, it’s the same length as the top but, time goes by (few mins) & it’s like it just suck up every bit of that oil. Idk 🤷🏾‍♀️, y’all can let me know but, I was going with what @Tanya C said and just continue & it will eventually work in & reverse (the sebrum) b/c it wasn’t like this b4 I started slacking. And, she’s had a silk bonnet since 3mos and she most times knock it off overnight. Thx 4 taking the time to read guy, if u did, lol 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾!

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