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Hello. I'm new. I have questions about the Olaplex system. Do you use 4, 5 then 8 or can you just use 4 & 8? Is this system ok to use in between 6 weeks of braids? I plan to for my daughter and I to wear braids this summer.

Also, how often should I use this system? During a regular month outside of the long periods of wearing braids.

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Chari Peyton
Mercy Ates
Tyra Jemzy
27 de mai. de 2021

I have never used OLAPLEX but from listening to Cyn OLAPLEX is a bond reconstructor. So if you have had a process done, such as a colour, that has altered the bonds in your hair - that is where OLAPLEX comes in....... She does have videos about OLAPLEX, maybe check it out to be sure....... 👍🏾❤️



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