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I'm frustrated. My hair grows really fast. However I'm having difficulty retaining length. By the time my hair reaches shoulder length I have so many split ends that I have to cut it back to chin length. Single strand knots and split ends are a major problem for me.

After watching your videos yesterday I stopped doing wash and go's.

My new routine is to put leave in conditioner my hair after washing, brushing it through my hair, braiding it, and then letting it dry.

Before I was doing the loc method. Is my new routine better? Does the loc method cause single strand knots and split ends?

Also I use henna in my hair regularly. Is that OK to use?

Santaj Walley
Dec 12, 2021

Hi! I’ve been following Cyn for a minute now and I can tell you we don’t do the “loc” method or use henna that is not formulated in a product over here! You need to wash and set your hair with a hooded dryer or blow dryer. She has YouTube videos on the LOC method and henna that you should check it.



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