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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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From the first challenge I learned I had product build-up because although my hair felt sorta clean my scalp felt waxy or coated and tight. I was still able to comb and brush my hair throughout the week but it did dry out extremely fast and would not retain moisture even after deep conditioning with heat. This time WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I clarified my hair and shampooed it with a porosity minded shampoo and conditioner and Whala! Scalp that is happy and free. Day 2 rest and day 3 my scalp was clear. Brushing it the first time my scalp felt aggravated, this time brushing felt relieving. My hair fluffed out and was soft and tangle free. Platted down for the night and day 4 rest. Day 5 it felt dry so I used Sunflower oil for my ends and shaft and brushed. It did feel a little stiffer after that. Not as light and flowy. Day 6 rest and day 7 wash day and GIRRRLLL.. my hair felt fuller and thicker and soft after blow dry. Great Job Cyn! Thank you thank you thank you.

Jenny Lee


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