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Good afternoon ladies, it's a lazy Saturday here in Tdot. So rest day number 2 is a winner. It's been raining all day 😑. Anyhoo, it's day 6 on this challenge journey and my hair is just showing me that doing less is way better. My hair being low porosity doesn't need to be deep conditioned once a week. In fact I'll see how my hair reacts to fall/winter this year on this routine. The weather in October can be anything from freezing to a light spring/fall temperature. The one concern is that it is very dry up here.

I have also decided that I'm going to seek out a cosmetologist and have my hair done once a month again. The last one was not very good but I'll share the blame since I was using water every day on my hair.

When I lived in Jamaica my hair looked like a wig all the way down my back because I had a professional who knew what she was doing and was worth every dollar she charged. I so appreciate people in this industry their knowledge is needed as a guide so we can look and feel our best. Thank you, Cyn for taking me back to the basis and getting results, real results 💪.

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