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hey ladies,

how long does wash day take you? i’m asking because i started doing my hair at 3:37 pm and didn’t finish till 8:34 pm. it consisted of washing my hair for 12 mins, deep conditioning & rinsing for 40 mins, blow drying for an 1 hr 20 ish minutes and styling aka twists for 1 hr 20-ish minutes. is this normal and do you have tips on how to make wash day faster?

Corin Barnes
esi mensah
Yvonne Cooper
Jul 09, 2021

That’s way too long. Conditioner shouldn’t be in your head longer than 30 mins anything beyond that your giving yourself moisture overload, the conditioner stopped working after the time explained on the bottle. If there is no time frame to leave it in your not suppose to leave it in as a deep conditioner. Over 1 hr of manipulating after a almost hour long washing and conditioning session. That’s for sure extreme mechanical damage slowing down your hair growth cycle.

Please see how your pattern keeps your hair weak. its simple. Shampoo, conditioner (only deep condition once a month IF NEEDED), spray a leave in conditioner ( blow dry or set your hair with a light foam no gel or grease) , dry 100% style with a small amount of serum and oil then your done. At the beginning yes it may take a while but once you get use to it it’s easy. 2 hours tops it should never take that long. The longer your hair is wet the more mechanical damage you will have.



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