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Hi Cyn! I love your work and all of the straight science you give. I also purchased your 7 day challenge course and loved it. I need advice about a few things:

1. Brushing. I want to keep wearing my hair in mini twists (no extensions) -- it works with my porosity (low) and sebum production (medium) and because I workout daily and sweat. What is the best way to make sure I'm still brushing my hair properly. Right now, I started using this Wet Brush detangling brush because the brush is flexible enough that it doesn't really affect my style too much. I brush throughout my hair for a few minutes, and I can DEFINITELY tell that the sebum is coating the strands. It's awesome! But with my hair being twisted, I know that I'm definitely not getting everything. Is this okay?

2. Steaming. I steam my hair every week because it is low porosity. I've been doing that weekly for the past two years and my hair has bloomed. I'm also aware that hygral fatigue can take a long time to show up. Am I putting my hair in danger at all with the steaming?

3. Olaplex usage. As you'll see in my regimen below, I've been using products of different product lines. I'm not going to do that anymore and will just use one brand, likely Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, for the scientific purposes that you mentioned. The one product I do want to keep around is the Olapex 5. What's the best way to use the conditioner since I won't be using the rest of the line?

Overall, my hair is in great shape with my current regime. Soft, shiny, and never dry anymore. I do still get single strand knots though, and not from lack of trimming. I think it may have been a lack of stimulating my hair. I used to wear wigs and braids for long periods of time before. And I'm still learning how to properly blowdry my hair, but I'm getting there! So I really want to amp up my regimen to make sure I can keep progressing. Thanks!


Here's my current regimen:

- Detangle my hair dry

- Wash my hair (currently weekly, but if I use mini twists consitently then bi-weekly likely) on Saturday or Sunday

- My shampoos are from the brand AG, different lines

- I steam with Olapex 5

- Spray a leave in conditioner

- Blow dry my hair

- Mini twists with a bit of hair butter at the ends

Here's some changes I'll make according to your work:

- Brush my hair daily (would love advice on the best way to do this)

- Detangle with hemp oil

- Detox once a month

- Shampoo and condition with one brand weekly or biweekly (Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, but would love to know when to use Olaplex)

- Spray a leave in (I love love love the Redken One United Leave-In Conditioner)

- Blow dry my hair

- Mini twists with a bit of hair butter at the ends

Jul 26, 2023

Hi love please go join the group attached to the 7 day challenge. Most of your questions are answered within the group.



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