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hey everybody ! This is finna be a long one 👀 I have been natural Since around October 2018. I transitioned for two years and cut the rest off. I have only heat styled my hair 3-4 times in the last 5 years. As far as how I normally style my hair its mostly in Felicia braids / twists and sometimes pulled back and slicked in a low bun if I need to go somewhere without A hat on. I definitely have a mixture of looser curls in the middle and tight coils but where my crown and outer perimeter is .. also low porosity and super frizzy and dry.I think ! After watching Cyn’s videos about low and high porosity hair I’m just not sure because it’s different stuff going on in different sections. When I first went natural I loved to do wash n gos but always had an issue getting my front right section of my bang area to curl up. The texture around this area is very loose almost wavy rather than curly and the very front is just a frizzy mess that doesn’t really ever get defined. I know it’s not heat damage and I don’t think it’s because I slick my hair down in a middle part every once in a blue moon.. it looks a little better when I do things like a clay mask or protein treatment but for the most part this section is frizzy and limp and has me dang near ready to be a straight natural or just go back to relaxers. does anyone have any experience with this issue and any remedies to help the issue?! Thanks in advance!

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