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My edges are not growing back and I’m natural. Its so embarrassing at times I do cry but I feel like I am not doing something right

Santaj Walley
Tanya C
Tanya C

Tsass24 sweetie dont you cry NO MORE. I had baby edges now i have toddler edges. Mines didnt fall out from wigs, weaves or braids i was literally plucking mines out. It comes from my anxiety. I use to be embarrassed and yes it got worse when everybody wanted to start rocking baby hairs and talking bad about people with no edges but honey im here to tell you dont let that mess get you down. What saved me from the tears was my 1on1 with Cyn. She let me know theres no need to cry or be embarrassed and gave me a few things to do and now like i always say at this point i have toddler edges 😂. Now what worked for me might not work for you so i will leave that to Cyn. Im just here to tell you hold your head up high your BEAUTIFUL 😍💚



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