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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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Hey family!!!

How are things? What have you learned about your hair so far?

This challenge was created to help you learn your hair and scalp. My goal is to familiarize you with the natural form of your hair and scalp without products.

Hair products are TOOLS not SOLUTIONS! The solution is learning your body (hair & scalp) so you can see and feel out the TOOLS needed for your journey.

Knowlege+Routine = Healthy Hair. Products are apart of your routine but they do not fix problems or grow your hair.

So far in this challenge how does your hair/scalp feel and what have you learned about your hair/scalp?

I’m giving badges out in the comments.

If you haven’t done so already watch now!!!

Challenge ends soon! Watch now before it’s too late.

Crystale Barnicle
Harmony Rush
Agnes Bukasa
Joy-Ann Edwards
Joy-Ann Edwards
Jul 20, 2021

My hair felt very good. I missed my wash day on friday the roots still feel great but the ends are very dry