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Hi all, how do i minimize flyaways if we are not to add any water based product to the hair.. i did a rollerset but the flyaways are too much to can i lay them down. Plus if we are not to add any water based product, how do we deal wirh sweaty hair after exercising. My hair is always wet aftee

Jul 11, 2021

You use a serum to control flyaways not water, water is just breaking the bond. Sweating in the scalp is not the same as spraying the hair with water. If you set you hair properly on wash day you won’t have flyaways. Get a cotton ball and wipe your scalp with rose water and then get under a dryer until your roots are dry at the end of the day. I live in Vegas, it’s 110 plus daily, it won’t take 20 mins before bed. Be intentional.



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