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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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🚨🚨This is why I do what I do!!

We fear what we don’t understand. Yes greasing our scalp is our comfort zone but it’s also the difference between Black women and other races. Yes some of you grease your scalp and you have long hair but you also have scalp issues like dandruff, eczema, scalp psoriasis, alopecia ,etc. The women you buy bundles from do not grease their scalp and neither should you.

Your scalp has a sebaceous gland that produces sebum! Sebum is a waxing nutrient based oil that comes out the follicle to coat the hairshaft for LENGTH RETENTION! Your body produces its own oil and your blocking it from coming out of the follicle when you oil and grease your scalp. PERIOD!🚨Your also trapping yeast and bacteria in the follicle leading to oxidative stress on the scalp. This leads to thinning, burning/itchy scalp and balding!

They keep selling you products for your scalp but you DO NOT NEED to oil your scalp! Your all fighting to keep the practices that set you back! Why fight against my suggestion? I’m not asking you to buy anything, no long drawn out routine, no methods!

Shampoo with a shampoo/conditioner from the same brand that matches your porosity. If you have low porosity hair sit under a dryer on warm for 15 minutes to open the cuticle with conditioner. If you have high porosity sit under a dryer on cool for 15 minutes to CLOSE the cuticle because it’s already open. Normal porosity leave in for 15 minutes and rinse out no dryer.

Use a leave in conditioner to blow out, rollerset or twist. Once the hair is dry style as desired with heat protectant (if flat irons are used) and serum. Please don’t wet your hair or use more products until wash day! It’s cheap, fast and easy! We make it hard! Hair care is easy even on thick black hair!!!

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