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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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good morning everyone,

I am currently unlearning all of the lies from YouTube University and the natural hair community. I just wanted to provide a brief overview to make sure I understand what I’m doing with the 7 day challenge. I have low porosity hair by the way.

Day 1- Wash

( shampoo, condition, deep condition, leave in conditioner, blow dry, chebe than style)

*I was wondering if you could blow dry your hair under a hooded dryer with Flexi rods or is that a bad idea*

Day 2- Rest

Aka leave your hair alone

Day 3 - Scalp massage/scientific brushing/ chebe

(looked up a few videos on this topic and I noticed most people are brushing from the root to tip of their hair in various directions. Is that how you do it?)

Day 4- Leave your hair alone

Day 5 - Scalp massage/scientific brushing/ chebe

Day 6- Leave your hair alone

Day 7 - Reset with wash day

*my two biggest confusions are how to/ do i need to deep condition and if it’s necessary for low porosity hair. second is how to blow/ hood dry hair without damaging it*

-lazy natural

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