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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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I'm super confused. The 7 day challenge is missing a lot of information. On the checklist there is a link to the Olaplex site to get a starter kit. The starter kit isn't on the site. The only item that is $16 dollars on the site is not eligible for the discount code so I don't think it's the right item. Once we get the starter kit, how/when do we use it? It isn't mentioned in the daily videos.

At some point are we supposed to use a clarifying shampoo? If so, how often?

Are we supposed to be using protein treatments some weeks? Deep conditioners?

Once we do a scalp analysis, then what? Are there certain products in the Amazon store that are used for dry scalp vs. oily?

What's a safe temperature for flat ironing?

Nov 01, 2022

Go start a new member profile so I can add you since you missed sign up before you started the challenge. You do not have a member profile under THE 7 DAY CHALLENGE that's why it says no members on the screenshot I'm not making it up your not in the system for the challenge.



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