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2020 The year of spiritual common sense! Finding your own path!

It’s time to stop fighting against yourself! As you awaken you’re suppose to find your own path but you break out of one set of chains to grab Another pair! No!!! I'm free, these are white chains I need the black chains! Everyone awakens and then the search for a new leader begins!

There are sharks and fish! There are two types of Sharks! Sharks that teach power so you can swim on your own and become. Then you have the sharks that smell your blood as your fighting through your awakening. They smell the blood and they know that you have to learn on your own and that part is hard so they come in as your looking for answers.

You are here to CREATE not to follow! Your suppose to remember who you are! Your pain is suppose to awaken YOUR TRUTH!

You are suppose to create your own world but you don’t want to become! You want to follow! Every religion is a explained perspective of God and who God is! You won’t go digging on your own with your own tools! You only allow the “good part” of you to thrive. Who is God to you? What is the God in you saying right now????

If someone screams “ FOLLOW ME I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO LIVE IN YOUR TRUTH!” RUN! Anyone that want to teach you a new pattern or form as you awaken is offering you a new set of chains! You are a creator! How can someone teach you your truth when you haven't created it yet?



a person or thing that brings something into existence.

Let’s go deep! A creator is a PERSON or THING that brings something INTO EXISTENCE! So if your a CREATOR you are a person that bring things into EXISTENCE!



noun: existence

the fact or state of living or having objective reality.

The objective reality is the collection of things that we are sure exist independently of us. Every person is able, in principle, to verify every aspect of the objective reality. Anything that cannot be verified in this way is not part of the objective reality.

Do you see what this means!!!!???? The truths we follow were all created by other creators that made their own objective reality that we all follow as our own truth because we are to afraid to dig deep and create our own truth based on what reigns true in our hearts!! We kill each other, disconnect from our families and argue online based on someone’s objective reality that we accept as truth!

How can you truly create?

So you know your a creator what is your job?

Your job is to create your own objective reality! Find your own truth! Does the RELIGION you were brought up in allow you to access every part of yourself or does it tell you that you can only access certain parts because the other parts are evil! Listen, you go into those places they tell you to run from!

The person who wins the war writes the story! We didn’t win last time and we took on their creation as truth! Now we are here! We are scratching our heads because something doesn’t feel right!!!!

In the movie, “The Witcher“, a girl was sleep for thousands of years! She was raped and murdered and put under and there was nothing she could do about it! When she opened her eyes she just started swinging! Swinging with furry! You don’t remember but she does! Now she’s swinging and going for blood because she’s been locked up and she’s not going back in! Now she’s letting you know that it’s never happening again! She’s had time during her lock up to observe everything around her! See there are two sets of keys! The set that they lock you up with and the set you hold! See the first set of keys are easy, those were broken long ago! The most powerful keys are the ones you hold! They locked you up and then brain washed you to believe that you need your chains!

You need these chains because if you don’t have them you’ll be taken by this devil! You life is living to follow! You give to the church so God will give to you! You take in your pain so you’ll be closer to God!

3 wives one husband! They believe that the husband is Jesus on earth and the more wives they have the closer they are to God! The women believe that they are doing the work of God by experiencing the pain of heart break watching their husband lay with their sister wives! Those mean we’re creators! They wanted a solid reason to use woman and place them under their feet and they have done that!

We are all creators following other creations because we are afraid to create our own! Who will you become!???!

I had to step away to create my own narrative. I was moving like everyone else in the industry until I decided to create something new for myself! What will you create? Will you follow their creation or will you build a new world with me for our children to thrive in! It is up to us to smash all of these old bottles to create a new world for our children to thrive in! No more spiritual slavery I AM A SOVEREIGN CREATOR!!!!

sov·er·eign /ˈsäv(ə)rən/ 1. a supreme ruler, especially a monarch.

Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies!

You are made in the exact image of your creator! Your creator lives in you and has no need for your praise or worship!!! Your creator needs you to get off your knees and walk in who you are! Stop looking for a hand out! YOU ARE THE PLUG! Now at this very second every chain that holds you back is broken if you believe it! Now you have free reign to create! You are sovereignty and you know the difference between right and wrong. Everything you want already want you! Become my love! Talk to you soon!

Cyn Doll

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