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5 Natural Hair Growth Tips. Essential oils for hair growth! Natural Hair Growth Tips.

Updated: May 23, 2020

Want to grow your hair longer and faster than ever before? Have you been searching for tips on natural hair growth? "How to grow long hair?" "How to grow long hair over night?" "7 day Hair Growth Challenge?" "How to grow long 2 inches each month?". If you answered yes to any of those questions you are one of millions like yourself with the same question.

I had those questions for awhile but i would not stop digging until i found proven answers to all the questions that i had about hair growth. In this time we have together i will tell you my top 5 Hair Growth Tips For Fast Hair Growth, let's begin.

Before you grow your hair you must first learn "How hair grows." Through out history there have been many myths about hair growth. Even as a licensed cosmetologist i know that keeping a trim every two weeks is not enough to maintain long and healthy hair. Let's talk about "The Hair Growth Cycle".

The Hair Growth Cycle is broken down into three stages.

The Anagen Phase : In this phase the cells in the hair bulb divide at rapid speeds to produce new hair growth. Hair grows a average of 2-7 years before the hair follicle becomes dormant. During this phase, hair can grow between 18-30 inches. The longevity of this phase is dependent on age, health hair habits and many other things. ( Some of which we will discuss shortly)

The Catagen Phase: This is the second phase in the hair growth cycle and a very short one. This period only last for about 2-3 weeks. This is the transitional phase where hair stops growing while detaching itself from the blood supply. This is our shedding phase. We always experience shedding but learn your hair growth cycle to know how to treat your hair the best during each growth phase.

The Telogen Phase: This is the final phase which begins the resting period in your Hair Growth Cycle. This is where your club (older) hair rest at the root while new hair begins to grow below it. This phase last about 3 months.

We will get into those stages shortly but let's talk about the "Hair Structure".

The Hair Structure is made up of two parts. The Hair Shaft & The Hair Follicle

The Hair Shaft: Is made of a hard protein called KERATIN which is protected by a layer called the CUTICLE. The hair shaft is the visible hair that grows out from the follicle on the surface of the scalp. There are about 100,000 hair follicles on the scalp so don't worry about shedding. The average person loses up to 100 strands each day but knowing you have 100,000 more gives comfort.

The Hair Follicle: The Anchor your hair has to your scalp. The hair follicle is made up of the bulb and papilla which is found under the scalp. The hair bulb is located at the bottom of each hair strand hold active cells which add in hair grow around the papilla. The Papilla is the power player in your scalp that provides the blood supply need to to the hair follicle to increase hair growth.

Now that you know the elements that make up your hair as well as the growth cycle you can now begin to take control over your hair growth process.

  1. Cleanse the "Hair Follicle" : As previously discussed the hair follicle is where all growth happens. By maintaining a healthy ph balance while keeping the follicle free of yeast and bacteria, you create a environment for maximum blood flow which in return leads to massive hair growth. My favorite scalp detox essentials.



2. Essential Oils For Hair Growth: Essential Oils are compounds extracted from plants. These oils carry the compounds of each plant and are obtained through distillation, cold pressing, steam and a few other methods. When the scalp is clean the follicle is open to received the essence of each herb directing into the scalp increasing blood flow rapidly which in returns increases hair growth. Below is a list of my favorite essential oils and butters.


3. Get Frequent Trims: Regular trims will not stimulate hair growth. When it comes to hair growth you have two things to focus on " Length Retention" & Growth Stimulation" . Regular trims keep you in good standing when it comes to "Length Retention." As the hair grows due to normal washing and styling the ends break and split. If you keep up with your trims every 6-8 weeks you stay ahead of the breakage. If you go years without a trim the splitting and breaking of your ends go unchecked. Having split ends is like having a run in your stockings. In the morning it's small hole but by the end of the day that small hole has traveled all the way up your thigh. Your hair is the same way. The longer you go without regular maintenance on your ends the more you put yourself at risk. As you learned in the growth cycle there is always hair growing and shedding. Without keeping up with regular trims you hold a head full of broken hair and as your new hair grows in. This is a issue because those older broken ends trap the new hair as it breaks through the surface of the skin. Regular trims are more than needed!

4. Vitamins : Healthy hair starts from the inside out. Before you use oils and butter on the hair and scalp, maintain your inner health. Remember hair growth starts under the skin and is dependent on blood flow and collagen production! Check the list below for my absolute favorite hair growth vitamins.


5. Choose product based on your porosity only! What is your " Natural Hair Porosity?"

I thought you would never ask. Hair Porosity is the hairs ability to store and release moisture. High Porosity Hair: Open cuticle which is hard if not impossible to close. Moisture can go in but it needs help to stay in. Low Porosity Hair: Closed cuticle which is hard if not impossible to open. Moisture is hard to get in and unwanted elements are even harder to remove. Medium Porosity: Has a normal cuticle that opens and closes at a normal rate. Knowing your porosity is key to growing long hair and retains the length you acquire. Watch this video to find your own porosity levels at home!


Check the list below for my recommended conditioners and treatments for each level of porosity!

High Porosity Hair Product List:



Low Porosity Hair Product List: https://www.amazon.com/shop/cyndoll?listId=38VGI5JG2UV7N

Medium Porosity Hair Product List: https://www.amazon.com/shop/cyndoll?listId=91JOAG9D0DDX

I hope this talk helped a little! Be sure to check out the links in this post to start you on your journey and talk to me in the comments below to let me know if you learned anything new! Talk to you soon!

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