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🚨THIS IS FOR YOU 💗 Women, it’s time to take responsibility for our SHIT! We all know women are ultimate creators! We create the next generation in our bodies. Seeing that we’re giving life to the next generation, we should probably have our SHIT together!!! Now before I say this, I’ve had my heart broken too. In pieces, he slept with most of my friends and so much more! I’ve been there, ok!!! I did that shit to myself! When I saw him, my spirit was like naw gurl keep it moving girl, but my childish mind ignored it completely! Now, I’m not saying save it for marriage but keep your house clean; everyone does not get access! Not just physically but spiritually! All these dudes need is a mouthpiece and money, and they get all your GLORY! Women, you have displayed your body online as an object for sale, and then you're mad when men come test drive and leave! Set a standard and stick to it! We’re so bitter and angry to the point other women can’t even enjoy their relationships. We let these dudes have all of us, and we get into new relationships with men before they end their old ones with the Goddess that he had before us. If one Goddess is leaving, you're going to walk in and make her trash your treasure because he said she was the problem? Now you ignored this BIG sign! Stop looking for a man to rescue you and heal you from your pain! You are a mother!!! Be your damn strength! Be your own everything! Have standards and love yourself so much that the world has no choice but to follow! When I was in the church, the favorite saying was, “God is a jealous God. He will have no other God before him.” See, our human minds did not understand the text! God lives in you, so the jealous God is YOU! “You are a jealous God! YOU will have no other God before YOU! So peep this! God is within us all, so you putting a relationship before yourself are you putting another God before God! You all take text and follow other interpretations without finding your own from fear of burning in hell forever! Wake the hell up! Kiss yourself, good morning! Start loving on you and guard your glory! Stop letting them help in! Sis on you! #bossup #beauty #love #create #cyndoll #nolack #selflove

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