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CEO’s Master Instagram NEW LESSON LIVE!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021


Here is my Instagram for the last couple days and today. My technique works.

This morning.

This afternoon.


Here is a new update. 3-20-2021

So currently I’m at 110,247. This number Means nothing we’re focused on engagement. Before we talk about that let’s make this happen for you.

REELS is on fire right now! Go search social media with your keyword research and see what peaks your interest.

This was my tactic. Most can’t sleep with high levels of stress. “Natural sleep remedies “ “natural insomnia cure” “natural sleep aid” was a highly searched term. So look at my hash tags and listen to what I say on this video.

I let them know that I understand the issue and then I suggest a solution. THIS IS MAJOR KEY.

Always use these hashtags when creating reels.

Combine you SEO tags with your market research and create content your target customer loves.

Try this on your new page and we will check back in Monday 03/22/2021

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