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Essential Oils & Herbalism 101

Let's talk Essential Oils and Herbs! Hair growth and skin care is not as complex as it seems. There is a deep sea of information when it comes to natural hair. Natural hair growth is a trending topic and at the top of the search engine. " How to grow long hair overnight?" "How to grow hair fast?" "How to grow long hair overnight?" "How to grow one inch each month?" "How to grow natural hair fast?"

These are the questions that hunt us all but the answers are right in front of us. In this video i talk about natural hair growth and length retention. To be honest we are our own worse enemy when it comes to hair growth. We use "Growth Stimulating" oils and butters in the place of "Length Retention" oils and butters and this is our main issue.

Your oils and butters are broken down into two categories and in this video i explain them both in great detail. WATCH NOW!

Check my list for product recommendations based on your porosity level.

Watch this video to find your porosity in seconds.

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Herbalism 101

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