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GOD IS Punishing us??!! God is keeping us all HUMBLE??? Let's talk..

Good morning family! Some won't like this. Before you read I'm sharing my heart. If you do not agree just stop reading because all argumentative comments will be deleted. I'm letting my heart speak in my bed at 5:09 am. So please here me.

Rather your at home and out of work, working on the front line protecting us or in great pain experiencing death were all connected. I've experienced it all.

1: Sudden BIG change w/ BIG shift in income!

2: Working 19 hours days with just a few hours to eat and sleep.

3: The sudden death of my father from a unknown illness.

I get it, this isn't coming from a nasty place it's coming from love. This love is different though. Our words are so powerful. We create with our words. Let's look at one of them. HUMBLE: look at the photo below for the defention, now ask yours why this is our favorite word. ”Be humble”, ”Humble yourself” ”Hopefully this will humble some people.”! Why do we want others to have ”A low estimate of ones importance?” We are all sovereign! Now some would say ”Only God is sovereign but let's get to that too.

Sovereignty is the inherent and independent right to do all that is necessary to govern oneself. In the United States, the People are sovereign. ... And so, individuals delegate some of their sovereign power of self-defense and self-preservation to a government.

To be sovereign means that you have control over yourself and the decisions you make. God does not force you into relationship. It doesn't matter how much someone preaches to you, you will not feel God until your ready and the feeling you have comes from within. You can't find it in a building, in a book, in a class, and definitely not in another human! If your connection was limited to a building you would be shut out from God completely now because church is closed until the 1st! Now you are your connection with God and your body is the church the houses God! It's always been this way but now you have no choice. We all learn and love different so we won't have the same relationships with God! Now it's just you and God within. God has always been there but your vibration is so low taking on all this baggage from the outside world. Understand God operates on the HIGHEST VIBRATION! God will not come lower to met you in your mess! You're made in the EXACT image of God!

If you turn to channel 8 you will not see the show playing on channel 25! To tune into what channel 25 has on display you have to turn to channel 25! If you want to met God you need to turn to God’s vibration! That vibration is total peace.

Now that you know the definition of HUMBLE does that match the vibration of our creator? None of us know the TRUTH! This planet we are on is just one of the TRILLIONS OF SOLAR SYSTEMS! God can not and will not be put into a box. We haven't seen 10% of space but we know everything about God enough to shame each other to hell to burn forever? STOP IT! Were all trying to figure it out.

Please do not be humble! Please be sovereign and be in control of what you believe, how you think and what direction YOU go with God! I grew up Christian but when I studied my religion (at the time), my intention was to learn God like the back of my hand because I love God so much. As I buried myself in the study of the text and it's original origin my heart was so broken. I remember crying in my husbands arms in sadness and anger about the lies I believed about the RELIGION THAT WAS CHOOSEN FOR ME. I was in so deep when I found the truth I'm talking, leader of the dance minstry, you name it! The truth is undeniable and once I got past the shock I was so free! With this freedom in REALLY REALLY knowing God brings power you can not imagine. I know this makes some uncomfortable but we have to break patterns! I respect you and whatever you choose, but make sure it's your choice! Before you claim a religion please go and find the origin! Who wrote the text? Where did it come from? Was it stolen? How many times has it been edited? Were the stories stolen from other ancient civilations? Dig, once your done digging deep if you still feel the same then do you but go look for yourself! DONT you dare HUMBLE yourself! You stand up in the midst of your pain and take responsibility!


the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

Take control over your life, your the only one that can do it! God already made you in his image! Your walking around searching for God and God lives within us all! God never left us, we have free will so unless we call and ask for help God won't butt in! We've been asking wrong, we've been asking low! Rise above it all and be in peace! You must get in alignment and once your in peace you can begin Co-creating the life you desire with your creator.

I have nothing to do with it, your family has nothing to do with it! Only you can talk to the God that lives within! Take control like the sovereign ruler you are my love! You can do this, so do not let this world over take you! You are letting this world suck you in and it's transforming you with fear! You are the only thing they fear! If they can keep you believing that you are the dirt you will never become! You are not the DIRT. You are a WORTHY MAGNIFICENT MANIFESTATION OF GOD ON EARTH SO ACT LIKE IT! I love you to life and I send you all the love your heart can hold. I promise I've been where you are! This is nothing power up! Death and fear is surrounding us but in chaos we can become more! I was broken to nothing when my father died! I was only 23 I just got married and he died 7 days before my sons first birthday. My children DONT even remember him. I thought that pain was going to kill me but I'm stronger than I've ever been. This will not break you! God is building you up SOVEREIGN!

Enjoy your day and talk to me in the comments if this spoke to you in anyway.❤️💜❤️

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