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How to grow long hair fast! My favorite D.I.Y Recipe & More!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Hey love! Thank you in advance for spending time with me! I know that at this moment you could be doing anything else but you are here chilling with me. Thank you, i really appreciate your time and energy. As i am on this hair growth journey nothing makes me more excited than a big curly top knot bun and some food from Coney Island in Detroit, Michigan. I can't do anything about the food but i can do alot to speed up my hair growth process! I have not told anyone until now but i have been studing herbs for a long time and i can now and "Herbalist" to my list of titles. Here inside the Goddess code i want to share everything i learn with you. Yes we need to support other black businesses and sometimes you don't feel like making your own products. All these things maybe very true but you still need the skill and knowledge. This will be the first of many introductions to some of the most powerful herbs on this planet. This planet already has everything we need to heal anything! Let's begin learning about some of out tools!

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