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How to treat High Porosity Hair

For those who don't know there are 3 levels of Porosity!

  • High

  • Medium

  • low

All of these levels of porosities serve a purpose. The level of porosity determines the amount of moisture that your hair can absorb and retain. The lower the porosity the harder it is for the cuticle to open, The higher the porosity, the harder it is for the cuticle to stay closed. But for this video let's get into how to care for high-porosity hair!

Link to high porosity hair video:

The very first thing about learning how to care for high-porosity hair is knowing that your cuticle always stays open and is very hard to get that cuticle to stay closed. A lot of people think that just because you have high porosity hair you have the worst hair ever and it's the worst possible situation you can be in (hair-wise) and it's always super damaged and something that you can never get in front of. A lot of people are born with naturally high porosity hair as well, but for the most part, people have ended up giving themselves high porosity hair due to usually 3 things.

  • Manipulation of the hair

  • Chemical Services

  • Heat

Now let's get to the good stuff!

Cleansing your scalp is the first step to taking care of your High porosity hair. Even though your cuticle is always open, there are things that you still need to clean out of the scalp to start treating your hair. Starting with a clean canvas is always going to help you and not hurt you in the long run.

Activated Charcoal is also a great product to help cleanse the scalp. Remember with high porosity hair, The cuticle is always open, so it's good to have a product that helps get all of the debris and buildup that could be caked up in your scalp that is preventing you from getting past this stage. While applying activated charcoal you may notice that not only does it clean your scalp and give you the clean canvas that we are shooting for but it also leaves some great benefits behind for you! Those benefits are a lot of healthy minerals and growth supplements that your scalp needs to boost the process even more along the way.

After cleansing, you need to moisturize and deep condition. You also need protein. a protein treatment and a moisture treatment are two different things. also, one note, Protein treatments are not to be used on a regular basis, but if you choose to go this route, it would be better for you to just use a masque instead of a heavy protein treatment every day which could ultimately undo all of your progress.

Once the moisture is applied, it's time to apply the oils! I personally recommend Aloe vera oil and aloe vera butter for high-porosity hair. Being in a state of high porosity is a state where the hair is already damaged and very fragile, so it's best to have something that's going to do more good than harm. Aloe vera has been known as a healer for years for a lot of things but when it comes to the hair it's great for oils. Knowing that your cuticle is always open it's good to have something to help close it up, but when closing it up you want the right band-aid to help do that. Let's not forget about Chebe. If you combine them all together it has amazing benefits. The oil is very different from the gel. Low porosity should not use aloe in the hair unless the cuticle is damaged. In this case aloe should be applied and rinsed out immediately with a clarifying shampoo to remove any left over protein.

One last great benefit to using in hair is Marshmellow root. Not marshmallows from the store, but Marshmellow root the herb. This root comes in the form of a powder. This herb can be applied directly to your Aloe vera butter. Only use Half of a teaspoon and apply it to your aloe vera butter mixture for sealing up your open cuticle. The benefits will be great for eliminating your single-strand knots! This will definitely help in the process of getting where we need to go. The Marshmallow root relaxes the membrane and it allows the benefits to be ingested and taken to the follicles that you need.

These Hair benefits above are all suggestions that I think can help anybody with High porosity hair quickly and easily. Just knowing the right oils and products to use and apply can help someone a long way. Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged by hair routines and haircare because it seems like we're always spending unwanted money and funds to help our situation but sometimes only makes it worse. But if the right steps are followed and applied, this process is easy for anybody with high porosity hair to follow!

Link to high porosity hair video:

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@cyndollmgmt hope you are well. It’s me again! I’ve been gathering my hair products (charcoal activate, aloe vera butter and oil, cheba & marshmallow) and I was hoping that you can share the mixture measurements of each product. I only read the actual measurement of the marshmallow root. I also I have a few hair amateur questions based on my understanding of the blog, (1). what is a moisture treatment and a good moisturizer that I use for this phase? (2). do I deep condition my hair each time I wash my hair? Thank you for your help!!


Thanks!! I will purchase and download the ebook.