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It's your time!

I’ve been there, and most of the time, the answer sends you down deeper than before. Most don’t have a reason because things don’t happen TO YOU they happen FOR YOU! Your so protected. Anyone moving in your life with a mask on has to be exposed. This is the thing, you already knew. You had the feeling in the pit of your stomach, something about it never felt 100% right. As time went by, that feeling was more intense “this isn’t for you!” even the midst of what you label as happiness. You ignored it and said, “the devil is trying to give me doubt.” No, that's your inner (where God lives) saying no but your desires overpowered the direction you were given. So God said ok, let’s give her/him a big smack! I bet they won’t ignore this one!👌🏾👌🏾😩 Now here you go! It’s over, and you want answers! You don’t need to talk to anyone about anything! A couple of months ago, I sat with MYSELF and felt the intensity of each situation as I wrote it in my journal I’m talking about EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ( I almost wrote about this gurl I fought in 4th grade.😂) I let myself feel the things I buried deep down. After I finished, I had about five pages front and back. I didn’t stop writing until my spirit felt weightless. Then I burned all those pages, now I had to call a couple of people (family), but now all those doors are closed, and the energy I carried through life is right back to its source! It’s not your baggage to carry! You don’t need to talk to anyone unless you're giving them the shit they gave you, letting them know you forgive them, and they are free from your heart and mind. Forgiveness starts with self, forgive yourself, and release the hold you have on them in your heart. Forgiveness is an internal thing. Get to work! Let go; they did what they did because they had to! It’s your time!!!! LET’S GO ALL THE WAY UP!!!! #love #lovethyself #forgiveyourself #manifestation #freedom #beauty #beautifullife #nolack #create #become #nolack #believe #live #manifest #create #goddess #goddessenergy

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