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Moisture & Protein Overload!

Updated: May 31, 2022

Hey Guru!

It’s time to get into product selection before we move on to our next presentation.

You know about protein overload, but do you know about moisture overload?

Moisture overload: Occurs when there is too much moisture and not enough protein. This tends to affect those who have High Porosity hair the most, causing it to look limp, stringy, and even greasy.

There is a such this as TOO MUCH CONDITIONING. Over-moisturizing can cause hygral fatigue. Hygral fatigue: is damage to your hair‘s follicle & cuticle caused by swelling and shrinking on the hair shaft from excessive moisture.

To understand how hygral fatigue occurs, it's helpful to understand the three layers of hair.


This is why I’m stressing POROSITY over EVERYTHING. Your cuticle controls what goes in and out of the Cortex & Medulla. Your hair is not dead it’s very alive. The cuticle needs the proper products to follow its natural cycles.

It helps lock moisture into your hair and protects the inner cortex and medulla.

When you wet your hair, water enters the hair‘s cuticle and causes the hair strand to swell.

As a result of this repeated swelling and shrinking of the hair strand, the strand can become damaged permanently over time.

Symptoms of Moisture overload:

  • Curls stopped forming.

  • No volume.

  • Limp & Dull hair.

  • Split ends and breakage.

  • Hair is greasy or gummy while wet.

  • Hair is too soft when wet.


  • Deep conditioning weekly.

  • Using the wrong wrong product for your porosity.

  • Conditioner on the scalp.

  • Wetting the hair daily.

  • Styling hair wet daily.

We have many things to go over, heat damage is not the biggest threat.






These are just a few of many self inflicted hair issues the team natural community put on you.

please, go back in and learn your hair. I can’t give out products until I know that we all understand hair From the inside out.

More coming soon, please go fill in your journal and make changes.

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