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Products on the scalp.

Should you use products on the scalp? when to use products on/ off the scalp? How to use each product?

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Oils: Ess. oil/ Carrier oil

Ess. oil: Compounds extracted from plants. Concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds.

Volatile oils ethereal oils, aetheroleum.

Made by steaming or pressing. Several pounds or one plant to produce one bottle.

It takes 154 oranges to make one 15 ml of wild orange essential oil.

Carrier oils: Used as dilution of essential oils so they can be carried into the skin.

Comedogenic: Blocking pores of the skin. Non- Comedogenic non Blocking

Butters: Comedogenic butters carry medicine.

non- Comedogenic butter is used for length retention and skin care (body, places missing sebaceous gland.

Grease: Comedogenic made of fossil fuel. Blockers pores and cuticles. Great for length retention but long-term causes include:

Dandruff/ Psoriasis/ Folliculitis/ Alopecia/ Seborrheic Dermatitis/ Alopecia Areata/ Telogen Effluvium

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