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Relaxers Cause cancer in Black Women?!

For this subject, we will be using the Scientific Method again for this question to answer our question appropriately.

Let's see if this is true.

  • Observation/Question

  • Research

  • Hypothesis

  • Test with experiments

  • Analyze data

  • Report conclusion


Do Relaxers cause cancer in Black Women?

Data from a sister study. The data that was collected is from 33,497 Us black women from the ages of 35-79 participating in the sister study by the National Institute of Environmental health. They Identify risk factors for breast cancer and other conditions. In the study, women were followed for 11 years and 378 uterine cancer cases were diagnosed.

Women who use hair straightening products are twice as likely to develop uterine cancer is what the study suggests. Approximately 60% of participants SELF-IDENTIFIED as black women.


Adverse health effects may be greater because black women use relaxers more than other races use the chemicals in their hair. Because using relaxers more often than other races of people use the chemicals in their hair. Black women start using relaxers at such a young age and if they do it more frequently the risk is higher. "Che-Jung Chang Ph. D."


No Experiments were run/ No Controlled Group/ No Professional application was performed/ No exact data on application, brand, product, or ingredients were listed to provide the intricate details needed for this study to suggest that this study is a fact.

Analyze data:

"To our knowledge, this is the first epidemiologic study that examines the relationship between straighteners use and uterine cancer" "Said White." (In Article link below) More Research is needed to confirm these findings in different populations and to determine if hair products contribute to identifying the specific chemicals that may have caused cancer in women.

The Researcher did not collect information on brands/ relatable or the same ingredients found in the products the women used. They note certain Chemicals found in the relaxers could be the cause but the data was never collected and the hypothesis was never tested to suggest these chemicals are the reason being.

Report Conclusion:

Chemical Straighteners May cause uterine cancer due to Overusage of the Relaxers.

Missing Data:

  • Controlled test groups Product formulations

  • Process of application

  • Dates and times of Application

  • Diet While the test was run

  • Previous Health issues

  • More Controlled testing and diverse groups from different communities

Cyns Personal Observation:

Known Causes from my research for over 17 Years and 45,000 clients later. (In a controlled setting):

  • Box Relaxers

  • Home Relaxers

  • Working into scalp

  • No proper basing of scalp

  • They are frequently overusing the product and have no actual pattern/ Selecting the wrong Relaxer for their hair.

The porosity of your hair should determine which relaxer is applied correctly by a professional.

High porosity should receive a mild/ Medium

Low porosity should receive a - Med/ High

Medium Porosity should Receive a Med/ Normal

(Edits should be made based on the density and diameter of the hair shaft. Most Box Relaxers are one size fits all)

For more information Read the article below:

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