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Social Media 101 How to turn your passion into cash!

Updated: May 31, 2022

The human attention span is under 8 seconds long. This means you have under 8 seconds to grab and keep their attention. Remember, followers mean nothing, this is s engagement game. Here are a few steps to follow to grab attention that creates real engagement.

Your bio should not maximize the allotted characters, less is better.

Your bio should be short and easy to read.

Have your bio focused on how you can help others. (be intentional in identifying your target audiences pain points) Example "Helping your turn you passion into provision."

Use your brand tone and voice to connect with your target audience and community.

Don't duplicate information, make it your own.

Use emojis as bullet points.

DON'T add hash tags


What is your target audience?

This is a specific group of people you wish to reach with your marketing message. Theses are the people most likely to looking to buy your products. This group normally have the same factors. The more clearly you target a specific audience the easier growing your social media presence will become. Start with broad categories like: Single Dads, New business owners, stay at home mom etc. Use this list to narrow down your audience.









Collect data

Compile data on your current customers/followers.

Who are your current followers/subsribers ?

Why do they purchase or follow you?

What are their common characteristics nad intrest?

Which ones bring you the most business or engagement?

Is it likely that other people like them will like your content?

Look at your analytics on google to see what is working and what's not,

Check your competition;

Who are your competitors targeting?

Who are their current customers?

Look at their brand to see what the are NOT targeting. Do not copy create.


How often do they post?

Hashtags they use?

What do they do well?

What can i do better?

How often do they post stories?

How can I improve?

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