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The BEST Products to use for a Silk Press/Flat Iron on natural and relaxed hair!!

Updated: Nov 13

People always ask me what products to use for their silk wraps! Whether it be for a Hair care appointment or after. What products to use along the way during a silk wrap is all everyone wants to know. Let's start at the beginning!

The first step before any product is applied is having a clean canvas to work on (Clean Hair /Scalp). Whether you just got done taking braids out or its just your wash day. Having a clean canvas is a must before applying products.



Remove buildup. Reveal your healthiest hair.

What makes healthy hair dull, discolored, dry, unmanageable, or oily? Buildup. Nº.4C Bond Maintenance® Clarifying Shampoo is new technology to reveal your healthiest hair. Optimize your hair repair results by removing more impurities that damage hair. Harsh clarifiers can leave hair like straw. Nº.4C is sulfate-free & pH balanced to maintain hydrated hair. With a Broad Spectrum Clarifying System and scientifically proven OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology™. Visible Hair Benefits • Airy volume & softness • Restored shine • Vibrant color clarity • Deeply clean scalp

Check out this blog post for a detailed breakdown of the entire Olaplex line.

Kenra Deep Detox Scrub platinum

Kenra products like to make sure that they put out a product that is great for every porosity of hair. They are great for not being specific when it comes to hair care. This product in particular is a Gel based product that has smaller scrub beads than you are use to seeing in scrubs, but don't think for one second that its not going to do a great job in doing your scrub. This scrub is amazing from removing all of the fatty deposits and residue from everyday life from your scalp. Kenra Deep Detox Scrub is a go to for scalp scrubs getting that clean canvas that we need to start with!

Kenra Claryifying Shampoo/ Claryifying Conditioner

This shampoo comes at you to do exactly what the bottle says which is clarify ! It opens up with a fresh refreshing scent of Grapefruit that would make any fruit jealous on how good you smell. Both are great for color and also both have activated Charcoal. These two are a powerhouse when it comes to creating the canvas.

Joico Body Luxe Shampoo / Conditioner

For those who have low porosity hair weve got you covered as well, Joico Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner. This Conditioner is good for people with low porosity hair ( Thin Hair). These two do a great job of swelling the cuticle, which we need during the deep conditioning process. Its great for opening up the cuticle and giving the hair more body at the end of the process. Body luxe is great for having great botanicals of tea tree oil and eucalyptus to help add those healthy elements that low porosity hair needs.

Joico Kpak Shampoo and conditioner:

Joico Kpak is great for giving the hair the nutrients that its missing, its a great revitalizer for your hair. Its also great for fortifying the hair during color treatments. making sure your cuticles are safe during chemical treatments and color.

Now products for my High porosity people out there!

This means that you have a cuticle that is almost always open and never ever closes, and with this hair type you need to impart as much moisture as you possibly can (in a healthy and responsible way.) I say this because most of the moisture you apply will not stay there and will fall out. A person with high porosity hair usually suffers from over processed hair and also heat damage.

Kenra Revive Shampoo

and conditioner:

These two products are great for those over processed jobs and heat damage repairs that are needed for high porosity hair types usually. They're also great for keeping the moisture that you apply to your hair sealed in. That way when you apply your products you know that your hair is being fed and its staying in the hair.

Most people think that the flat irons are the thing that cause heat damage, but in all actuality its not the flat iron at all, but the improper manipulation of the cuticle that causes the real damage. Using the proper products and correct techniques can save you a world of trouble with your hair and also save you a ton of money in damages.

A great product that you can use during your relaxer stage is:

Mizani Phormula 7:

This is great for balancing your ph levels after a Relaxer treatment is administered. Post relaxer is not the only time that you need to balance your PH Alot of times after you color your hair, or after you color your own hair. Its great to use after these services to make sure that your hairs PH level is always together.

Styling products :

Avlon Affirm Leave in Detangler:

For styling your hair, or during the styling process, I recommend Avlon Affirm Leave in Detangler for styling purposes. It gives the hair a really nice feel and it leaves the hair feeling great.

Now for our Heat protectant:

Heat protectants should only be applied depending on the porosity of the hair. There are oil based heat protectants and alcohol base protectants. Depending on your porosity is the one you apply.

If you have Low porosity hair, you want to use Alcohol based heat protectant . The reason being is because your hair likes to absorb as much moisture as possible and doesn't let it go, so having a product that does its job and then dissolves because of the alcohol in it makes this a gem for your hair. On the other hand, High porosity hair Requires more moisture because your hair doesn't absorb enough. Oil based heat protectants are your best friends. It allows you to lock in the necessary moisture that your hair needs. On Certain occasions you run into people who have High porosity hair but its also thin hair. These are people who want to possibly steer away from the oils. Due to your hair still being thin, it doesn't need the high viscosity that oil provides. A alcohol based heat protectant will suffice.

Kenra Platinum Hot spray/ (Low porosity/High porosity)

Low porosity users only need to use the hot spray.

Kenra Platinum BlowDry Spray (High Porosity)

High Porosity hair users need to use this product while the hair is wet before the blow out. and then use the Kenra Hot Spray 20 as well.

Kenra Color charge Spray Serum:

This product is great for people who have just had a color job done and need to have a good heat protectant on hand. has great benefits to help those color jobs on your hair stay healthy and safe, it has plenty of added moisture and amino acids added to help balance what you need in your hair and the amino acids to help protect your current hair color job and cuticle.

Right before I would put on the cap to my clients hair i would also apply to products that help keep their hair shiny and healthy looking giving it that glow that we all love and want to see.

Kenra's Silkening Gloss:

Kenras Silkening Mist:

It gives the hair a beautiful shine and takes the hair to a whole new level of beauty.

These are the recommendations on hair products for your silk wraps. I hope this list helps.

make sure to use these links for your purchases.

These are great tools that will help you get to the process of having a great experience anytime you go for a silk wrap!



A leave-in reparative styling treatment

Nº.6 smooths, conditions and strengthens without adding hold or excess weight. A highly concentrated formula for all hair types including dry, grey, colored and chemically treated hair. Good for textures from coily to fine. Redesigned in an easy dispensing, airless pump to give your hair every last dose of definition and smoothness. • Speeds up blow dry time while smoothing • Softly defines and smooths air dried curls • Reduces frizz and flyaways for up to 72 hours ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE US

Watch me use Olaplex 6!

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