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Who Are You???

In 2019 I made a choice to START OVER! I Walked away from anything that made me unhappy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it’s simply transferred from one source to another. If you don’t like your job, unhappy in your relationship, and surrounded by people and things that drain you. Guess what...YOUR THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN CHANGE IT! I had to stop complaining on social media about things I didn’t have control over. Instead I decided to step away and change it for myself to TAKE CONTROL! I’m still a woman of my word but now I only move to the beat of MY drum. I live in sovereignty with NO RULES FROM ANY MAN MADE RELIGION CONTROLLING ME AND THE WAY I MOVE. If you haven’t noticed I’m obsessed with taking something out of its original form and extracting and energizing the best parts! You deserve true love and it starts within. Once you truly love yourself you won’t take anything less than the intense love you feel for YOU everyday. Loving yourself makes it easy to SPOT THE BULLSHIT! Just imagine how much love you have if you put yourself first allowing your spirit woman/man to really love on you!!! You must know how powerful you are! The power only comes with appreciation and gratitude for YOU! God lives in you! You want to talk to God? If the eyes are the windows to the soul and God lives within who do you see when you look in the mirror? Go in your bathroom and look in the mirror as you gaze deeply into the windows of your soul (your eyes)! Don’t you know your looking at God in the face!!!!!!??? Now set your intentions and BOSS UP! You are so much more than the DIRT! We are looking for God to come back in the sky but God NEVER WENT ANYWHERE! We believe a new reality and lived in it for centuries! God lives within, God is the entire essence of who you are! Stop looking for something external I AM WITHIN!!! My love, love yourself past all the bullshit and create a new world for our children to thrive in! Let fix it now so our children won’t be making post like this 15 years from now because the WORK IS DONE! #create #youarecreator #manifest #live #love #light #cyndoll #beautifulpeople #nolack #fullpower

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