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Why do women with curly hair struggle to have moisture in their hair? (script)

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Hey, this is Cyndoll coming at you with another video make sure to like comment, and turn on your notifications for the next videos coming up, and thank you to those who have signed up for the 7-day challenge and succeeded in fully completing the 7 days ( give them a round of applause and congratulate them) Now its time to take it to the next step with the Growth cycle blueprint(7-day challenge 2.0) This is the second step to maintaining the work you worked so hard to do within those 7 days lol! This offers you the lifestyle change you need to turn that 7-day challenge into a healthy hair challenge that lasts forever. Keep going, girl!

Let's get into it! Why do women with curly hair struggle to have moisture in their hair? Add an icebreaker right here! ( Hell if I know ) (maybe because you got a big head or something IDK )

This is the question that a lot of people have been asking me to tackle so let's get into it!

We're going to use the Scientific method to tackle this question!

List the Scientific method and tell why it's important to stick to the science of hair while using hand gestures to implement the importance and your passion for what you do.


for observation point out what you have observed when it comes to women who have curly hairstyles. Why they like to wear them so much but also how it ends up being a problem for retaining moisture. Over the 15 years of my being a cosmetologist. Then list one common thing that you have found that all women over the years have in common when it comes to dry curly hair.


Again it comes from you being a cosmo for 15 years and helping women feel confident and helping women gain their strength back by helping them feel beautiful and confident in the way they look. I did this by diving deep into science and learning about scalp and hair shaft infections and disorders. most women with curly hair end up having microscopic holes in their hair shaft made by homemade products etc etc. (elaborate on the certain types of products that hurt rather than do good)


The pattern over the years that women with curly hair tend to have all led them too weak hair shafts and inflamed scalps.

But I believe! with a regular pattern of maintenance followed, the hair growth cycle will be back on track with constant application and consistency. Once the hair growth cycle is detoxed and reset, the hair growth cycle will be back on track within 60 days. Sebum will increase and length retention will begin!


My first test came about 2 years ago( when I had my first 7-day challenge) I wanted to see if I could help women by just telling them to stop using all of the products in their hair! It seems simple enough but just allowing your scalp to breathe and produce natural sebum is half the battle? (Shrugs shoulders)

When I did that test, The results were astounding! (Post screenshots of people who completed the 7-day challenge and had success)

I already knew that you needed a clean canvas to start with the process of length retention and sebum increasing, but I needed you to believe it too. Knowing that you can do it is the hard part but you did it!


What I found out after the ending of everybody's 7-day challenge was that all of the dead skin cells are removed creating a clean flow of oxygen to the scalp ( letting your scalp breathe gurl it can breathe) and ends up making your hair less transparent! In other words ! ( Let me break it down for the people in the back) Act like you yelling to the people in the back ).

Fewer products in the hair allow your natural sebum to do its damn thang! allowing your hair to grow more luscious and delicious! Your natural sebum flow is restored and all is good and green on planet earth! your scalp is moisturized and free from overgrown bacteria and yeast buildup. Yes, I said yeast! (get all that nasty stuff out of ya hair) You've allowed your hair to be maintained to a point where your sebum wants to flow again all the way down your hair so that you can scientifically brush it the way you need to. Length is retained because the hair is stronger and moisturized by the sebum.

Sebum feeds the scalp and now your walking around whipping your hair making everybody jealous of your growth!

In conclusion

if women with curly hair simply keep their scalps clean The hair can do the rest for you! (Shrugs again ) Also keeping the hair in a style that allows your sebum to flow freely can definitely help

Shampoo and condition, Set your hair, maintain your hair/ Spread your natural sebum/ Rinse and repeat! It's just that simple.

Elaborate on how the process doesn't change if any but only changes due to slight differences in the scalp after detoxing!

also thank those who have truly taken the time to listen to what you have to say and appreciate your knowledge on the subject!

Make sure to like comment and subscribe to the 7-day challenge and the 7day challenge 2.0 if you already haven't!

Stop being a bald-headed Skiddle diddle and get yourself some length girl!

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