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I know that made you feel a way but I really want the answer to that question.

Watch this after your done reading!!

COPPA, hiding comments, a sudden view decrease. Your favorite Youtubers stepping away! Viewers are to blame! Take responsibility for your part! Do you have a part in this?

So woke up to a suicidal email from a client! After years of holding back she finally had the courage to step out there and share! She shared the story of her divorce that led to her finding herself and the results were devastating! People ripped her apart, they talked about how ugly she was, how fat they thought she was. They told her that they were happy for her husband because she was so horrible to look at. Her video had 15k views in less than 48hours but she deleted it and her YouTube channel. She sent me a email saying that she should have just stayed to herself. She said he was right, he is better off with the other woman. She said people always told her how ugly she is and she’s tired. She had been with him since she was 16 and she went to share her story and they hurt her as much as he did. She said she had no desire to live because the world is tired of her!

What is wrong with us? Is this how we treat each other. Is this how we show our love? Is this how we spread peace?

I’m so happy to announce she is ok. She told me the only thing that would Make her feel better. SHARING HER STORY WITH YOU!

Why do we treat each other like this? How can we expect the world to hold us up when we drag each other?!? We are free but we keep each other in bondage based on our own insecurities!

Let’s talk about it more inside the video!! Watch now!!!

Do better! Women stand in who you are! Don’t walk away from your dreams because of the crowd they laugh now but they will be crying n clapping later!

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