Cynthia .L. Smith


Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Cyn always stood out with her passion for life, personality and most importantly her form of self-expression. If you ask anyone about her they would say "She has a really strong personality." Cyn calls it passion, she views art as an expression of life in a tangible form. Hair was the first art form she fell in love with and she went all in.  Enthusiastically, she easily became the go-to person in her town, it didn't take long.  She relished in the opportunity to service all of her colleagues and their family, while producing extraordinary results... at a very young age 18 to be exact). This was the beginning of a longterm desire to not only service clients, but to become a 'Master Stylist' and she did just that. 
After 13 years in the hair industry, Cyn accomplished all her goals in the hair industry except one, FREEDOM. Cyn needed to express her self in all forms living in her true passion which is teaching.  As of today, Cyn Smith is a Master Cosmetologist, Herbalist, Life/Business Coach, Blogger, YouTuber, and the list goes on. Sovereignty is the name of the game and control over one's life is the key.  Cyn's lives out loud inspiring you to find your own light while becoming the best version of yourself. Let's Begin.

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