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CEO MASTERS! The Breakdown. Update.

Hello family, it’s the end of the month so it’s time for new angles.

The industry is constantly changing so old techniques don’t work.

I need all CEO Masters with finished brands to email me your brand information so i can send money in your direction.

Ethically I can’t promote the brand until I support it. I support you when we’re engaged and learning each other. Money is a hands on learning experience.

You can’t “LOOK N LEARN” with money. We must talk, we must engage. I make a video or lesson then I wait for application from you.

Your social media, website, logo, business name etc. I need to hear from you but I haven’t. I love you all so much but if we don’t have communication this will not work.

Someone asked to leave the group because I’m not providing things I promised. You can’t teach this skill in silence. I think everyone thinks there a big secret to success as if these parts don’t matter.

If I just start at the end I create a group of people that can’t stand the test of time. There are so many people that go viral and then no one ever talks about them again. Remember him?

Yeah, no one talks about him anymore because he didn’t do this part. The boring part. I did promotion with him before. He charged me 300.00 then tried to charge 3,000.00 the second time. I only made 30.00 off the 300.00 promotion and he had 1 million views so I didn’t do a second promotion. Now he barely makes money in his business because it only had followers and no foundation which I’m teaching you to build first.

This is not busy work. This is the work HUGE brands do behind the scenes. What you see online is the finished product. These are the bones!

I’m not giving busy work. I’ve made every mistake and I’m trying to give you every angle so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Money comes in waves. One minute things will be amazing and then sales will just STOP. If you do this part you make money in your sleep. Sales won’t STOP.

If you feel like I’m not giving value then this is not the place for you and I understand. This is not easy or quick. I lost everything and I’m showing you how I got it all back. I can’t be your coach if we don’t talk.

Please talk to me so I know where you are. If your confused say something and I’ll make a video for you. That’s what this community is about. You can just watch me on YouTube, here you have instant access to me. Take advantage. Please!

RSVP for our live event.

Even if it’s only 2 CEO Masters in the LIVE MASTER CLASS we’re going in!!!


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