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I made 1,003.35 in under 24 hours! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Proof!

It’s 2021 and if YOU can’t face it, YOU won’t embrace it and I won’t chase it.


This is not easy! You must build! Here is my work over the last 10 months. I made 1,003.35 in less than 24 hours ALL PROFIT, here is the proof!

These are real and my website now gains at least 100.00 a day on a regular day bringing in alleast 3,000.00 each month. This is just one stream of income and one of 4 blogs.

In CEO MASTERS you will get exact dates and the methods I used. This is only the beginning, I need to keep at it for another year to reach 6 figures with the website alone but I’m ready to do the work! I’m starting a new blog in real time to show you that this works if you do! I’ve been slacking on posting to my blog so site activity is down but SALES ARE UP!

This proof that my funnel works. Money in my sleep on auto pilot. Site activity down but sales up? I always take a break around the end of the year so that’s why you see the drop in site activity and bookings. Posting once a month and only taking 4 bookings a week to get my mind right for 2021 but the funnel kept working!


We took a break with CEO MASTERS so I can give you proof! My technique works but you must do the work!

You will want to quit. You will think “this doesn’t work”. “This is a scam, I can’t do this.” “This will take too long, I need something fast!”

No the scam is telling you what you want to hear. “IT’S EASY, ANYBODY CAN DO IT!” That’s the lie, this took everything! You will have months where you post everyday and no one reads! I have 105k followers on Instagram and 171k subscribers on YouTube. THAT MEANS NOTHING! On every platform you start over from scratch. Watch my progress.

This was not easy most just read with no likes or comments but that doesn’t matter! I can’t pay attention to vanity metrics (likes, views, comments). Building your own website and blog is like have your own social media platform that no one can take from you. It took time to master this method and I’m walking you through it for only 6.99 a month!!!!!!

I also have my website monetized. This takes time but every little bit counts. Next year this time we will go past 6 figures! As my website views grow and decline the payments do as well. It’s how the game goes.


If you build a foundation it will last through any pandemic because it’s yours and you have control.

Those who own or work for businesses that are dependent on manual labor, person to person contact etc are affected tremendously by COVID 19.

With the right strategy you can transition into passive income where you make money in your sleep. If you have a passion we can turn it into a business!



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