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The Ultimate Guide to Effective OLAPLEX Usage on Relaxed and Natural Hair!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

The very first question that most people ask is, What is Olaplex?

Is it a powerful tool used for bond reconstruction? Is it a hair care treatment? One thing you will notice about Olaplex is that on every bottle it says that it's safe for all hair care types. The reason they are able to say this is because Olaplex is a Molecule.

The actual name of the molecule is (Bis Amino ProplyDiglycol Dimaleate) Now that we know that it doesn't matter your hair texture, it's safe with olaplex, but what was olaplex originally made for?

Watch this detailed breakdown before we dove deep into product selection.

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(_iamcyndoll_ )NO CAPS Watch me use OLAPLEX 0-9!

Well, it all started with Olaplex 1 of course!

Olaplex 1 is the first initial molecule. Our hair texture types are broken down into 3 parts. Salt bonds, hydrogen bonds and disulfide bonds. All of these bonds have the potential to be broken and damaged if not properly taken care of. The molecule in olaplex 1 Repairs and fixes all 3 of these bonds! Just for an example ( Salt bonds can be broken by highly acidic products such as (apple cider vinegar and other homemade remedies that do not have properly balanced ph levels) The hydrogen bond can be broken by yes you guessed it, Water! Hydrogen bonds are broken from certain practices that suggest you do wash and go's and spray the hair with water profusely in an attempt to rush to do your hair and go. excessive water treatments can damage your hydrogen bonds. Lastly, the disulfide bond is the bond that can be broken by chemicals. For example, these include practices such as( lifting, color, relaxing, and perms). any of these practices if done incorrectly or constantly without treatment can break your disulfide bonds. Not to worry, this is where your olaplex comes into play! Olaplex introduces great things to the hair such as different healthy forms of ammonia that can help open your hair shafts and start to repair the three broken bonds. Olaplex works great because its molecule properties allow it to dive deep into the hair shaft and work a lot faster to multiply and strengthen these bonds faster than most products. If you were preparing your color base product for your upcoming client, it would be wise to add some of your olaplex 1 volume to your color mix. The reason being is that this gives the hair a chance to strengthen itself and prepare for the color application that is about to be applied. Think of it as your knight in shining armor. Olaplex zero is a customer-grade version of Olaplex 1, it is a customer friendly over the counter product that customers can use with ease and not worry about overconsumption and damage that can happen if your not a professional using olaplex 1. Olaplex 1 is a very potent product that can be mishandled improperly without professional knowledge.

Olaplex and I have decided to partner up,

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Olaplex 0

is a product that you use at home for personal hair care practices. Whether it's doing your own blow drying or adding your own personal home remedies or adding your own color, heat training, wash and go, etc. These are all methods that we practice at home until are next hair care appointment. Most of these practices do more harm than good without the professional supervision of a licensed cosmetologist with us at home. But with Olaplex 0 there at home with you to help, it keeps our hair intact until we are able to safely get back to the professionals. olaplex #2

Olaplex #2 is a bond perfector. #2 is made so that the bonds are precisely placed back where they are supposed to be. This is important for the simple fact that what good is it if you repair things but don't return them to the way they once looked. lots of people like to confuse #2 and #3 of olaplex for the same product, but in reality, they have two completely different jobs to do. #3 is a hair perfector ( cuticle perfector)

Easy to get mixed up, Mostly because people don't think of hair as different layers of delicate balance that have different jobs at every level. The cuticle perfector works on the cuticles of our hair, unlike #2 which was formulated to work on our bonds. Olaplex 3 was created to make sure those cuticles were protected and perfected until your next hair care appointment. Olaplex # 4 and # 5

Bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner that repairs strengthen and hydrates all hair types. As you can see both of these products were made to go hand in hand for hair care at home to help you until your next appointment as well. It's also easy to say that we can include 3 into the maintenance category as well to say that Olaplex 3,4, and 5 are considered to be our maintenance products. Olaplex 4p (purple shampoo) The purple shampoo was formulated to cancel out the unwanted Brass colors that happen sometimes after hair treatments and hair care. This shampoo works great with relaxed and unrelaxed greys. This shampoo is simply olaplex 4 (purple)

Olaplex # 6 Is considered to be the bond smoother. The job of olaplex 6 is to provide a leave-in that eliminates frizz, serves as a hair repair styling cream, that also hydrates the hair, and protects it. This product is applied while your hair is wet to protect your hydrogen bonds. It can also be applied to dry hair as well as a styling cream.

Olaplex# 7 This is your Bonding oil. Olaplex decided that they needed to make an oil that doesn't block your follicles. It's a 0 on the comedogenic scale which means that this product is very light and very healthy for the hair. A great example of how you can use Olaplex 6&7 in harmony is to take small doses of each, rub them into the palm of your hands and lightly glide them thru your hair to smooth out your desired hairstyle whether you are trying to slick back your ponytail, buns, top knots or keep the flyaway's down, these two work together so that you don't have to worry about either. When applying both products, make sure to only use the desired amount on the directions. overuse of the product can actually weaken the potency of the 6&7. Sometimes less is more.

Olaplex # 8 Bond intense moisture mask This product is generally used once every 3 weeks as a treatment product. and in those humid and hot months, once every 2 weeks, when the hair is lacking moisture. (depending on your porosity level).

Olaplex # 9 Bond Protector The Bond protector would be considered the nourishing hair serum of the Olaplex family. This product is easy to overuse because of the uncanny urge to want to protect our hair, so we naturally think that more will protect better, but in actuality, it doesn't. These products were carefully formulated to give you the best and most with every direction that you see on the bottle. So trust the directions when you apply your products. Olaplex 9 protects you from Heat (of course ), but it also protects you from environmental damage as well.

Watch me perform a silk press on thick, long natural hair with olaplex 9!

Olaplex 0-9 Sometimes seem too good to be true, and in some cases with products that might be true, but with the proper care and the proper knowledge on how to use the products, nothing is too good to be true. Taking care of our hair is a very important part of our lives that shouldn't be stressful. But with the right tools and care, these tools can help make our hair jobs a lot easier on both ends for the Cosmetologist and also for you. Again here's your code for Olaplex. Use my code to shop for your olaplex! When you click the link below and spend 50 dollars plus you receive a free olaplex 0 and a free olaplex 3 as long as your order is 50 dollars plus or more.

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Thanks Cyn.... The code does not work, but I ordered a kit last night during the cyber Monday sales.