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Morning power affirmations! Let’s start this day in power together!

Hey world, I woke up at 3:00am as usual and I begin my affirmations to get me through my day. This is a practice I use every morning to set my pace for the day! Now you don’t have to wake up this early but I do need you to download this power in your mind! Take control before you walk out your front door! Let’s get started!

Today, all my wishes and needs are met. Each moment of this day will bring me more health and wealth. I will take every chance this day brings. I choose to only look at things in a positive way no matter what I’m approached with. I am guided by inspiration and motivation each second of the day.

Iam my own master and I refuse to let other people’s option effect me. I am wise. I do the right things in the right order.

I am already a valuable person I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I trust God and I’m allowing God to flow in my life with no fear and no resistance.

I allow myself to change! I am free! I am not ashamed and I free myself of all past mistakes! I was learning!

Today is a new chapter of my life! I inhale power and I exhale doubt! I replace my anger with love and empathy.

Today nothing will disturb my peace and joy. Nothing will put a frown on this beautiful face I see in the mirror. This day is easy and comfortable! This day is amazing and it supports me! All my wishes and needs are met immediately! Every second brings me even more abundance!

Today I don’t judge people or situations. I choose to be at my best the entire day! I am guided by inspiration and creativity all day! I approve of myself and I am so proud of who I am! I am a doer! I do the right things in the right order!

I trust myself to accomplish everything I put my mind to. Other people have opinions that don’t matter! I am already magnificent!

I am healthy and healed right now! I am confident and I allow myself to change! I am free! No guilt! This day supports me, it’s my time flourish! This is the best day of my life!

I start this day with a new mind! I detach myself from anger and I see this day clearly for what it is. I replace my anger with understanding and compassion! I avoid complaining! I focus on gratefulness! Nothing will steal my joy today!

I love myself so much! Whatever happens today happens FOR me not TO me and I have FAITH in this day!!!!

Today is a beautiful day and it won’t be another like it. Every time I focus on something negative I change my thoughts to beauty, provision and love! Today I will inhale peace and exhale fear! I will live! Today I will face my fears! Each choice I make today will teach me something new.

Today I won’t acknowledge my flaws! I love myself! I am aware of the things I need to change but I put no pressure on myself. Today I treat my self like Gold with love and compassion. Today I will be my protector! I will not allow people to throw their trash on me. As I see negativity I will respond with love and it will confuse them! Killing people with kindness is like throwing hot coals over there heads. IT BURNS THEIR NEGATIVITY AND ILL INTENTIONS AND TRANSFORMS THEIR THOUGHTS!!!!

Today I choose me!

I love you!!! Get through this day in peace and majesty! I am the captain of this ship and today our destination is INNER POWER!

Rule today my love!!!!!!

I’m sharing this with you but this is for me! We must master our day before we start it! i mastered my mind first so when I signed on and begin to work and answer emails and comments I’m unbothered and in FULL POWER!!! Get ready for this day and nothing can stop you!!!!

Nothing can touch me today! ill have to go through hundreds of these today it’s apart of the job but I do it in full power!!! Copy and paste then back to business!!! it’s nothing!!! I prepared for this!!!!

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