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The best products for Relaxed Hair

Updated: May 31, 2022

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What makes hair curly? Your curl pattern is determined by the size of the follicle and the amount of protein attached to the bonds that hold your hair together. If your hair is extremely curly you have a lot of protein within the hairshaft. If your hair is bone straight you have very little protein within the hairshaft.

What is a relaxer?

A relaxer is used to open the cuticle and break into the disulfide bond. All the protein within the hair shaft lives within the disulfide bond. Once the cuticle is open you can pull different levels of protein out I.E. (mild, medium, super).

Once the relaxer is removed with warm water neutralize with the same brand or the cuticle will not close properly causing the hair shaft to deteriorate over time.

These are my favorite relaxers.

Sensitive scalp


My favorite weekly/bi-weekly shampoo & conditioner.

OLAPLEX is a must have for all chemical services.

Shop below.

Leave-in conditioners



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