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You'll Never Throw Away Avocado Seeds After Watching This!

Hey love! I have something to share with you! Now we all love avocado already but we are missing the best part! The seed of the Avocado holds 70% of the antioxidants present in avocados! Crazy right!? The valuable ingredients of the fruit are concentrated in the seed. They strengthen the immune system and protect against free radicals. They also act against internal inflammation, such as arthritis or gastritis. Regular consumption of avocado seeds make it harder for viruses and bacteria to take root in our body.


Never Throw Away Avocado Seeds!

1. Heals Digestive Disorders

2. Helps to Prevent Cravings and Increase Fat Loss

3. Rich Source of Antioxidants

4. Helps to Prevent Cancer

5.Helps Prevent Blood Sugar Imbalance

6.Great Source of Potassium

7. Reduces Inflammation

8. Helps to Lower Cholesterol and Prevents Heart Disease

9. Improves the Health and Glow of Skin

10. Inhibits Fungal Infections

Produce Avocado Seed Powder The best ways to use the avocado seed is in powdered form. For this powder you need only:

The washed avocado seed

A knife

Oven/Dry Heat and Sunlight

Something that can be used for milling, e.g. an apple grater or grinder.

Your process for turning the seed into versatile powder is so very simple! Be sure to watch my YouTube video to see the process live!

Avocado Seed and Honey Scrub for Glowing Skin

2 tbs Avocado Seed Powder

3 tbs Raw Honey

1 tsp Rose Nectar

Apply to desired area and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash with cool water. Tone and moisturize!

What is Rose Nectar?

An indulgence that has been enjoyed for centuries, rose nectar is an organic beverage derived from distilled Kazanlak roses harvested in Bulgaria. ... The rose petals used to make the nectar must be converted into concentrate within two hours of harvesting.


If you never thought you'd be drinking Bulgarian Roses, think again. The Bulgarian Rose (a.k.a. Bulgarian Rosa Damascena), though stunningly beautiful, is much more than an ornamental flower. It is a medicinal Super Herb. It is called by many "The Queen of Roses”, and for good reason. This “Queen” works on your behalf. Richer in bioflavonoids than any plant on Earth, it is also one of the best natural sources of antioxidants and vitamins. The essential oil extracted from the Bulgarian Rose is regarded as the substance with the highest measurable vibration frequency (electromagnetic energy or Life Force) on the planet. At 320MHz, the vibrational frequency of rose oil is nearly twice higher than any other essential oil. Although best known in the Western world for its unrivaled skin benefits, it has even more to offer as an ingestible. Many of its health benefits have been time-tested and well documented for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Still others are being discovered and validated by new science - the Rose and its health benefits have been the subject of more than 150 recent scientific studies. So… whether you tend towards trusting either ancient wisdom or modern science, both of them agree - this timeless Super Herb is one of the world’s healthiest and most dynamic Super Foods.


So there you have it! Avocado! Never throw the pit away it' s the best part! I will have so much more coming from this super food! Next i will show you how to make your own cold pressed avocado oil at home so be ready!

Watch now!

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