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The Growth Cycle Blueprint

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Tired of being a bald headed skiddle diddle who aint got no hair in the middle ? Tired of trying all of these fads in your hair? Tired of smelling like boiled eggs and not gaining anything from smelling like boiled eggs? Take control of your hair growth cycle with the hair growth cycle blueprint. Go beyond what you've learned on social media!These tips will have you growing and maintaining healthy hair like a pro. Are you hitting a growth wall? Scalp thinning and consistently itching or burning in the crown? Having problems with length retention? Ends broken no matter what you do? This works for balding, breakage, thinning, soreness or scalp pain in the scalp and everything listed above! The Following Phases are what your hair are about to experience. Anagen Phase: The active growth stage where the follicle is actively producing new cells. Catagen Phase: Older strands detach from the follicle to make room for new/stronger strands making way through the follicle. Telogen Phase: The follicle rest (no hair growth) as it prepares for the next Anagen phase. You have access to OVER 2 HOURS of content explaining how to master your hair. You'll receive a new hair routine and treatment plan for your issues and alot more! Let’s get started! Sign up now!

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 The Growth Cycle Blueprint

The Growth Cycle Blueprint

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