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Happy Sunday, hope it's a fun day for you all. Today is my wash day. So let me tell you all about the minor changes made in my routine. Still washing with the same brand of shampoo and conditioner. For the blowout I use my leave in conditioner (Macadamia Oil deluxe) and a bit of Tresseme heat protector and serum for my low porosity hair.

I had noticed slight breakage of hair on my left side. From my deductions I realised it may have been caused from how the hair was being handled, and it was. So, I do see a few pieces now but nothing that's concerning. My hair is looking and getting so thick again. Note to self I will never complain about how big my hair is ever again. Big hair don't care!

The change in leave in is doing wonders, as Cyn said these are tools and I'm learning that. The most important part is that by combing my hair and handling the ends delicately results in very few pieces on the floor. Still using that rat tail comb and every time I'm amazed at how little hair is in the teats. Being patient about my hair growth though 😌. I'm missing my length but it will be back. Definitely looking forward to that.

Please drop out of YouTube University being enrolled there will only cause you grief in the long run. Cyn's information and knowledge is all you need on the road to healthy hair. You'll have the length 😉to prove it.

Patricia Howlett
Aug 05, 2021




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