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Herbal Medicine- Hair-Skin-Body -Nails 101

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Day 7......... I am doing great scalp is doing great. I have only oiled my hair during day 5 and my hair is soft and manageable from being brushed more often than before. I love the way my hair feels and my scalp doest feel clogged or packed with products. I feel like I could go an extra few days without washing but I like washing my hair weekly so I'm going to wash my hair tomorrow. 🤗 can't wait to start the process over. This time I will be blow drying my hair after washing. Thanks for all the info Cyn and all the help from everyone that commented this week. I've learned alot through Cyn and everyone's experiences.

Santaj Walley
Keisha Abdul
Keisha Abdul
Jun 21, 2021

Thank you all love the support you gave this entire time 👐



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