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369 Method for Hair Care

Updated: May 7

We have so many hacks and most of them fix one problem while causing more like dandruff, psoriasis(scalp) different forms of alopecia, and more. The people that taught you the hacks didn't understand the science of the human body so they made you believe you need 100 different steps but the way to mastery is very simple. As we get older things change physically and emotionally which leads to problems within your hair growth cycle causing balding, breakage, and more. When you know the 369 methods you can repair your own hair while keeping yourself from creating permanent damage.

Pillar 3: You can't put new wine in old bottles. To build a new foundation you must completely break down the old foundation to build a new one.

  • Twist outs, wash & go, loc method, etc. Hydral fatigue sets in when the follicle is forced to open & closed repeatedly with bonds being set in uniform. These are not low-manipulation styles. Most suffer from mechanical damage. Your hair shaft needs attention like the rest of the body. Brushing your hair spreads sebum. Sebum will not look like the thick oils you buy from the store.

  • Hair weathering from Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has enzymes and bacteria that are good for your digestive tract.

The acid in cider vinegar can break down the enamel of your teeth. Drinking water after you have cider vinegar will ease this.

Those with chronic kidney disease may want to steer clear of cider vinegar. Your kidneys may not be able to handle the extra acid in it.

Even when diluted with water, the longer it sits on the hair the more it begins to break down any structure it touches. Water does not STOP weathering it slows it down. The acid kills the bacter That lives on the scalp but there is no nutritional value.

The polyphenols in cider vinegar contain antioxidants that fight cell damage when ingested into the body. Once the hair shaft it causing major hair weathering over the years.

  • Product mixing and adding: Products do not make your hair grow they aid you in the routines you set. Once you add elements to the formulation you change the product complex. You don't need to try every product that comes out. When you find a line stick with it unless it stops helping you the way you need it to.

  • Fear & Labels: There is no such thing as black hair &The curl typing chart. Hair is broken down into 3 groups. Straight- Wavy- Curly there are levels in each group. No matter the curl pattern I used the same combs & brushes for every client. You do choose combs and brushes based on the curl pattern. It was the same round brush each time.

Pillars of 6: Why learn if you cant apply? These steps are so easy people don't believe how great the results are once they do them!

  • Detox Scalp & hair once every 28 days

  • Shampoo no pre-poo! if your follicles are clear your hair should be covered in sebum pre-poo puts a barrier between the sebum and the hair shaft. Shampoo adds nothing to the shampoo.

  • condition for no longer than 30 mins after this you're damaging the cortex. It will only absorb 30% of what you add. After that moisture overload starts.

  • Leave in cond Cream or liquid. (Stretch hair, Blow dry, roller set)

  • Style &set until wash day. Once the bond is broken set it. A style that doesn't let you comb your hair doesn't work.

  • Brush hair once daily if it's out. If your hair is braided clean the scalp every other day with rose water or organic witch hazel.

Adding pillar 3 and 6 together give you 9 The 9th pillar is combing them all together to learn the science of your body. Once you tear down the old house you have room for the new. Start your 7-day challenge for your ninth pillar. If you are not willing to complete pillars 3&6 this will not work. Let's get Started!

Start your 7 day challenge today.

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