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Are you a VICTIM TO THIS???

Good morning loves! Remember there are three categories in the business world! You’re either a SHARK, FISH, or GODDESS/GOD with the code!

The SHARK: finds the thing everyone wants! Once they have the data they create a plan to get maximum results! They lead you to the gate through your need then they create value so both parties can get what they want.

The FISH: is the main target of the SHARK! The SHARK studies the fish to create the business plan. Now the Sharks is a boss baby but the fish is not. The fish looks at those on levels they aspire to be on and they find the fastest way to a end game that the Shark worked 10 years to get to. The fish needs someone to teach them the game which makes them GOLD TO THE SHARK!

Now here is my favorite group! The GODDESS/GOD: Now religious people DON’T do it! If I’m God and I have a child is my child a farmer, a piece of cake or a GOD!!!!??? That’s what I thought! #movingalong The Goddess/God understands the need of attributes from both the SHARK AND FISH! You know how to control all aspects of self with no judgement! By looking at things as they are without the blinders of the limits of others you can get in perfect alignment! The God knows that this earth is under commandment to move at their will! Nothing is impossible and anything that doesn’t come will be replaced by something better. When you know who you are life happens FOR YOU not TO YOU! When your not a victim you can’t be victimized! Fk anybody who doesn’t believe in you! Don’t prove anything to anyone! Today decide which category your in! Are you a SHARK, FISH OR GODDESS/GOD?!? Limit yourself if you want to! Your life is a representation of what you believe! What do you believe? If it’s hard and you can’t get ahead it’s because there is a BLOCKAGE! Find the blockage and STOP BEING A DAMN FISH! Get up and REIGN! #cyndoll #loce #risengrind #autor #ebooks #positiveaffirmations #love #selfloce #goddess #god #wakeup #awaken #trust #grow #live #connected #source #iaminfinance #iam

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