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Are you “Throwing Shade” or “ Casting Your Shadow”?

Good morning loves!!! Let’s be real this morning! Be honest, how often do you“throw shade” ? After reading this, you will never do it again!

Your only throwing it at your self. See you can’t throw “shade” and then let it go. You have to throw shade and then hang over the person you just threw shade at to point out their imperfections! See the shade you throw is your own shadow! When you say “throw shade” your really saying “casting my shadow”! Remember, energy is neither created nor destroyed it’s just transferred from one source to another.

So as you stand over someone else in judgement your protecting them from the negative energy your calling in! Your checking them and putting them in their place! Your pointing out all their imperfections trying to show them up in front of family , friends,social media etc. You “throwing shade” calling them out on all their shit right?

As you stand over them blocking the light “you” think they don’t deserve ,you are helping them and hurting yourself. As you stand over someone throwing and holding up your shade you block there light yes but you also protect them from everything you call in!

See your words, intentions and emotions are powerful! So as you sit there talking, with strong dislike, pointing out flaws and calling them on their mess your calling all those things! This is the kicker! As you talk mess you feel good and the God moves based on our emotions! As your throwing shade your feeling good! Like yes I’m putting here in them in their place!

Your missing something! As you throw shade your matching it with satisfaction which the universe reads as “ bring this to me”! You have so much fulfillment talking so the universe is bringing it to you! It thinks you want it! As you hurt them with your shade it’s all coming off them and jumping on you!

As those things you have called in judgement come, the person you are throwing shade at is covered by you! Remember, your throwing shade so whatever sits on them has now switched sides and coming to you! Your the new master, you called it by name!

Your view point is just that. Don’t ever judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes!

This world is where it is because those who inhabit this planet 🌎 have no idea who they are! Your so powerful that you can choose chains! When you throw shade at me or others you put chains on yourself as you take mine off! Your weakness shows the strength of those you throw shade at! Your shade is your shadow and it frees the person your throw it at while LOCKING YOU UP! Know who you are and focus on you!!!!!!

Day Work!

Focus on you and no one else (other than your children)Monitor your thoughts. When a negative thought comes up don’t rebuke it. Deal with it! Find out why your feeling that why and don’t move on until you fix it!Monitor your words! Do not allow those those to become life! Have control of your tongue! Who is creating your life? You are, this earth is under commandment to move at your will! What are you telling it to do?Love: Love with empathy! Walk one sec in their shoes and then deal with them from a place of empathy! You can’t tell someone how YOUR actions make them FEEL! Stay alert in love!Protect your gates! Don’t watch or listen to anything that stands in opposition of your goals. If it doesn’t BUILD don’t let it SPILL out your gates!

We will check in tomorrow to see how today went! How are you feeling after reading this???? Are you refreshed? Are you thinking differently? Are you checking yourself? I’d this confirmation? Let’s talk! I want to hear from you!

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