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Basara Arabs and Chebe Techniques for Length Retention on Low Porosity Hair.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Researching is the first step in getting your hair to the healthy hair state that you want it to be in. By Researching, I mean finding out your heritage and finding out where you originate from. Finding out who you are can go a long way in telling you how to care for your hair.

For example, there's a tribe in Africa called the Basara Arab which is are of a nomadic confederation of people mixed with Arab and Arabized indigenous African Ancestry, which have amazingly beautiful and amazingly long hair and deep brown skin color, and have practices that they use to help maintain this hair that they have gained.

A lot of people like to think that women of color (Black Women), That they have to have some type of descent outside of their African heritage that allows them to have long healthy hair. We are all of different descents when you really sit down and think on it, but others have come to believe that we are only able to obtain this hair through things outside of our control. This comes from a lack of knowledge by the person being asked the question and a lack of understanding by the person asking. A lot of times you will hear other women or men say the phrase" What are you mixed with" to imply that there's a bridge between you and them that allows them to obtain certain lengths and beauty that others can't. Implying that because you are mixed outside of your race that this is the reason why they cannot obtain the length of hair that they desire. when in reality it's due to a lack of knowledge over the years that the knowledge was unattainable. This information was never passed down to relatives so many people never had the information, to begin with.

But now that this information is obtainable, it's important that the information is put into play. Most people just want to take growth pills and wake up with long beautiful flowing hair, but in reality, it never works that way. But what we can do is Research.

The Basara Women take a lot of different grains and seeds and also stones and crush them up after heating them, over a fire, and then once they are roasted, they mash them into a powder. They then begin to wet their hair in order to prepare for the powder. Once the hair is wet, the powder is mixed with water and oil. Depending on the porosity of your hair would determine which oil you would use due to the viscosity of the oils. After the hair is wet, the paste is applied to the hair.

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What Chebe Does for the hair:

Using Chebe depends on what kind of lifestyle you live. if you wear a lot of braids and twist outs then Chebe is a great suggestion for your hair. Chebe thrives when it is combined with Rose Nectar and water. with these styles, you would need an easy way to apply them. Mixing Chebe and Rose Nectar into a spray bottle and using it in a spray form is great for this method. Also mixing Chebe with Shae Butter is also a great form of application. The Basara Women only wash their hair every 6 weeks when applying the Chebe. After washing their hair after those 6 weeks are up they apply the Chebe again for 1-3 days and repeat the process all over again.

If these methods are applied you will start to notice that your trims are getting smaller and smaller because you are beginning to gain the length and retention that you desire. applying twist-outs and different hairstyles that strain the hair ends up putting way too much tension on the hair thus resulting in unwanted hair mistakes.

Listening to your hair is a great start. Having the newest products for hair isn't always the best result for everyone. Just because a new product released doesn't mean that it is the best product for you. Even if the product is your porosity it should still be approached with caution. It's ok to try out these products but when you do , listen to what your hair is telling you about this product. If it doesn't agree with you immediately throw it out and go back to what works.

This is the way the used it with the knowledge they had at that time. Combine this knowledge with the science I teach you here.

For people with low porosity hair, Your main goal is to open up your cuticle. This is vital so that when you do apply the products you know that it's reaching the cuticle and being applied to the areas your hair needs most.

Things that can help open the cuticle are, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, ylang-ylang oil, and tea tree just to name a few. Once opened you need to impart moisture.

Putting moisture in your scalp is the most important thing. You need to have things that stimulate that (reconstructive conditioners, moisture-rich conditioners) to apply to the scalp once opened. After applying them listen to your hair to see what your hair thinks about these products and make the necessary adjustments to find the perfect mixture.

Women of Asian Descent have perfectly round follicles which allow their hair to fall straight down from the follicle, whereas in reverse, women of African descent have a tighter (almost closed-shut) follicle that allows kinkier curls that fall from the head with a tight pattern due to the closed shut nature of the follicle. What happens a lot of times is that a lot of women/ men follow different hair methods and hair hacks from different background cultures, and then try to apply those methods to their own hair care routine. Resulting in hair loss, hair damage, and the wrong usage of hair manipulation that was never intended for their Follicle.

Remember, That Healthy hair care starts from the inside out. Eating healthy is also a hack on getting the length and retention that you desire. Just changing what time you eat your last meal during the day can have an impact on your hair growth as well!

Researching is key let's start by researching to see where we are in order to get to where we need to be.

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