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Chemical Services 101 Part 1

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Lighting Hair: Removing the natural pigment from the hair shaft's cortex.

Curl Reformation: Relaxers, Perm, Curl Reformation

Cuticle Treatments: Keratin Treatment, Silk Amino Treatment, Brazilian Blow

Color Removal: Color does not remove color, To remove the artificial color you need a color extractor.

Curl Reformation: Opens cuticle and removes or adds protein (sulfur) from the hair shaft inside the cuticle.

Cuticle Treatments: Put a coating on the hair shaft to protect the cuticle from long-term damage.

Pros: Manageability, Good vanity metric, helps cut time shorter, helps to prolong styles for those with high- medium porosity hair.

Best if performed by someone trained in bond reconstruction.

Cons: Curl Reform: If over-processed, the bonds are too weak to hold the hairshaft together, resulting in color-coupled mush broken hair. Taking too much pigment or too many disulfide bonds damages the hair permanently.

Cuticle Treatments: If you have low porosity hair putting extra weight on the hairshaft causes hair weathering and intense breakage resulting in telogen effluvium or worse.

More updates coming soon!

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