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Good News! Your in control!

You are cut from pure power!!!!!!!!!!! Most break under pressure. Your ancestors ate every word! They took every punch! Remember it’s fear driven, the things they did had to be horrific because your ancestors would not stop fighting and they were UNBREAKABLE! Listen you are majesty! WE DO NOT BREAK IN DEATH! WE DO NOT BREAK IN FEAR! WE DO NOT BREAK IN LACK! Our ancestors were strong! They stood through it all so we can all stand today! Be honest with yourself, are you standing with enough power to fuel our next generation or are you running and waiting!? Don't get offended, ask the question in private.

We like to pray and wait! NO! YOU PRAY AND ALIGN! I’m sorry but somebody has to get up and stop waiting for a savior!

Harriet Tubman was not waiting! She was standing strapped blowing heads off! Others could run in peace because they knew she was loaded and not WAITING! She was READY! My children’s memory of me during all of this will be POWER! They know at 7 & 8 years old that if you want something you have to believe that you deserve it, align with the energy of what you want, put the energy in motion (work for it) and it’s done. I won’t be the safe place that pats you on the back telling you it’s all going to be ok just wait and be still. No, I’m saying get up with the same strength that my ancestors did rather your black or not! See, they want us to believe we were weak but there has been no one stronger on this planet! Right now all their sacrifices and pain was in vain. We have to make this count!

Get up with all the power that runs through your vains and make this earth shake with your power!

You have everything you need to get out but your not using the most important tool, faith! Not in a God in a far off place but the one stirring your spirit up right now! Go lives within and it’s time!

That’s why they want chips in us because we KNOW WHO WE ARE NOW! Open your eyes, turn off the tv, stop talking about low vibration mess and let’s get to work! I don’t know about you but my story during this time will be one of power! Iam everything my ancestors prayed for here in the flesh baby and I can not be broken! Neither can you, let’s go, my love! Enjoy your day and stay out of fear. Your safe so create!

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