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Firm 5 Foundation

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hey Guru. We have a new series coming!

Guru 101 you will have all the class notes, links, info cards, pdf's like the one below download now!

Download PDF • 48.77MB

Here is the link to the FREE youtube event but you have the links first!

Watch video now!!

Guru Elite you will have access to all Guru 101 content plus the private Guru LIVE follow up. The silk press content from YouTube is being removed and will only be found under Guru Elite. There will be over 50 new videos added so be ready.

Guru V.I.P There ae deep scientific lectures coming all week so please check your emails and stay engaged. Of course you know you have access to all levels above.

Check back here daily for updates! Class is always in session!

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